Image of John Jackson

Timeless values, new technology

JJ Books is a book publishing business founded by John Jackson (JJ) in 2011. It publishes beautifully illustrated tales of worlds, real or imagined, in which we can wander freely whilst drifting slowly into the security of sleep. The company aims to bring together the best of traditional and modern publishing approaches.

Why did we create JJ Books?

JJ Books is an expression of JJ’s belief that, once basic human needs are satisfied, the most rewarding path to personal contentment is that which leads to the expression of creativity. Founding a business is highly creative and founding a business that publishes beautifully illustrated written words is doubly so.

Our philosophy: timeless values, new technology

JJ Books combines a commitment to traditional publishing and literary values with enthusiasm for the opportunities provided by digital technology. 


In a world of ever more rapid change, we remain convinced that an illustrated hardback book, produced to the highest standards, represents a ‘gold standard’ reading experience.


Notwithstanding this, the growth of ebooks and apps enables us to renew the timeless pleasure of reading beautifully illustrated words, providing new and exciting creative possibilities which can match this ‘gold standard’. What’s more, the low costs of digital publishing open up these pleasures to a much wider audience.


JJ Books believes in the link between self reliance and personal freedom. Digital technology is arguably the greatest creator of freedom the world has seen for a long time. It has given us the internet – which has enabled millions of ordinary people to share and discuss information out in the open. It has given us vibrant social networks. And, perhaps most importantly, it has unlocked the gateways controlled by the commercial publishers of music, literature, art and other expressions of personal creativity.


More and more small independent publishers are taking advantage of these new opportunities. We want to be part of a revolution in independent publishing, and we hope you will join us in it.

Our books

It was no accident that one of the first books published by JJ Books (A Little Piece of England) is about self-sufficiency. This book had been published by others twice before. Its re-issue is a further expression of self sufficiency, an attitude of mind which leads to valuing personal freedom, independence and self reliance. 


The following two books have roots in John Jackson’s travels in India and Nepal and his fascination with the stories, myths and folk tales he encountered there. Tales for Great Grandchildren (published in 2011), is a collection of 13 folk tales from the region. Brahma Dreaming (published in 2013) is John’s retelling of traditional stories from Hindu mythology, which taken together help to explain the historical development of the religion.


All of our books feature beautiful illustrations – and are best read aloud.


In future, JJ Books will publish more books by John Jackson, as well as work by other authors.