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Tales for Great Grandchildren

Folk Tales from India and Nepal

‘A veritable jewel box of ancient tales, retold to entrance children of all ages, today.’

Salley Vickers, Bestselling author and former Man Booker Prize Judge


A Collection of Classic Tales

Drawing on the folklore and mythology of India and Nepal and inspired by author John Jackson’s travels in those countries, Tales for Great Grandchildren is an enchanting collection of 13 illustrated short stories aimed at children aged 7-12 years old. A father, grandfather and great-grandfather himself, author John Jackson has created an enchanting world of flying turtles, truculent tigers and talking lotus flowers that will enthral readers.

John’s stories have been brought to life by critically acclaimed artist Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini  who has created 27 original illustrations for the book, including 13 full colour works. 

The Hardback Edition

The original hardback version was published in October 2011 as a limited edition. Bound in buckram, block printed and hand-bound, the book was produced using the same methods and attention to detail used to create the earliest illustrated gift books by Rackham and Dulac in the glorious ‘Golden Age’.  

The App for iPad

The app builds on the success of the hardback version. We at JJ Books are passionate about publishing beautiful books using traditional methods, but we are also inspired by the potential of digital delivery. As John Jackson explains: "An illustrated hardback book is a luxury item, as it was at the turn of the twentieth century. With the emergence of the iPad, we have found a format that allows us to transform our books so that they can be enjoyed by everyone."

The challenge we set ourselves was to communicate the beauty and quality of the original book in digital form while making sure that "none of the magic" was lost. We put the same effort into the app that we put into the hardback, and where possible, we have enhanced it.

For example, all 27 of Daniela’s beautiful illustrations have been animated. Daniela worked closely with the app developers to make sure that the richness of the Indian jewel colours and the dazzling details were fully realised, down to the elephant’s eyelashes. She is "thrilled and delighted" with the result. There is the great thunder of hooves as elephants, rhinoceroses and all their friends from the forest run for their lives from ‘The End of the World’. In the ‘Hole in the Roof’ a hideous giant sleeps after a heavy ‘man’-made meal, his snores gently lifting his blood-spattered blanket. The sadness of a grieving elephant and the quiet beauty of a princess bride are captured in ‘Lovely One’.

Another way in which we were able to enhance the original book was to ask John to narrate the stories which he does with great character, warmth and wit. There is a Read Alone function so that children have the option of reading alone or with their parents.

The app format also enables us to offer readers additional material on the background to the book. ‘Tales Behind the Tales’ is a chapter of extras which includes two short ‘making of’ films featuring John and Daniela titled ‘Inspiration Behind the Tales’ and ‘The Illustrative Journey.’

The Audiobook

Tales for Great Grandchildren was released as a digital audiobook in January 2013. The audiobook, available from, iTunes and several other online retailers, includes all thirteen tales, interviews with John Jackson and Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini, and a pdf booklet of all thirteen illustrations.

Available to Buy Now

Signed copies of the collector's hardback edition of Tales for Great Grandchildren and a Kindle version of the book are available to buy on Amazon.    

The app (for iPad) is available to download in iTunes’ App Store for £1.49 ($1.99). The download includes all 13 Tales as well as an introduction and additional bonus material. ‘Tales for Great Grandchildren’ is also available on iTunes as an iBook priced at £1.99 ($2.99).

The audiobook edition of Tales (listen to a sample) is available from and iTunes priced at £3.95/$6.95.

To buy Tales for Great Grandchildren, just click on the links above.


'Ten best children's apps for Easter' 
Shane Richmond, Head of Technology, The Daily Telegraph

'App of the Week'
The Bookseller

‘The stories are told with such charm and attention to detail that they shimmer in front of you like the visions your grandparents wove for you once upon a time.’
Nepal Times

‘Jackson’s narration is top-notch. His soothing voice will entrance readers of all ages. Terrazzini’s illustrations capture the timeless nature of the stories.’

‘Children who enjoy folktales will appreciate this well-narrated and exquisitely illustrated collection. If you haven’t downloaded the (free) iBook app onto your iOS device, do so now.’
School Library Journal's 'Touch and Go' blog

‘A delightful app...the illustrations captured a single scene from the story that was being told.  Just like in a couple of my copies of The Hobbit.  The images were animated, but not overtly and this felt like it might work well as a quiet bedtime read for children.’
Daniel Donahoo, Wired Magazine's 'Geek Dad' blog

‘Exquisite illustrations that readers will lose themselves in.’
Alyson Rudd, Book Club Editor, The Times

‘A truly beautiful book. A treasure.’
Michael Foreman, Two time Winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal

‘Immaculate; timeless tales…that children will pore over time and time again.’
Jamila Gavin, Winner of the Whitbread Children’s Book of the Year

‘As a reteller myself, I know how a quality book of myths should feel. This one ticks all the boxes and has the added plus of introducing me to some wonderful new stories from India and Nepal.’
Lucy Coats, Bestselling author of the Greek Beasts and Heroes series

‘A veritable jewel box of ancient tales, retold to entrance children of all ages, today.’
Salley Vickers, Bestselling author and former Man Booker Prize Judge

'This is an interesting collection of unfamiliar stories from the East, new and fresh and wonderful to find. This is not just a children's book. I think everyone should have a copy'.
Tony West, The Lion and Unicorn Bookshop (Independent Bookseller of the Year - British Book Industry Awards)


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Customer Reviews

This book weaves the mystical, the imaginative, and the touching characters all into one. It is inspiring, loving and sweet. Plus, it has humanitarian values for children that are magic. I highly recommend this book to any parent (or adult who wishes to read a joyful book.)

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