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Tales for Great Grandchildren

iPad App (Out Now)

Independent publisher JJ Books is proud to announce the launch of ‘Tales for Great Grandchildren’, the app (for iPad), which they believe will set a new standard for children’s illustrated book applications.

Author John Jackson wrote this enchanting collection of 13 folk and fairy tales after trekking through northern India and Nepal. He has recreated a world of flying turtles, truculent tigers and talking lotus flowers. There’s even a man-eating giant who has his eye on a shepherd girl! The app is aimed at children 7-12 years.


Media release (222kb pdf)
App Screenshots & Illustrations (Low Res)  (4mb zip)
- App Screenshots & Illustrations (High Res)  (46mb zip)
Interview with John Jackson (135kb pdf)
- Praise for Tales for Great Grandchildren (148kb pdf)


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