Illustration Series

Welcome to our guest column series "Drawn from Memory: Reflections on the Art of Illustration."

JJ Books has invited well known writers to recall images that have inspired their work, from Brahma to Beardsley and beyond.


Suneeta Peres da Costa on Manus Island children’s drawings

These drawings by children in detention speak for themselves, says award winning author Suneeta Peres da Costa.

Lately, the juxtaposing realities have been starker and more poignant and concerned events closer to home.

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Suneeta Peres da Costa on Manus Island children’s drawings- blog

Usha KR on Amar Chitra Katha Comics

Like many others, the accomplished writer Usha K R grew up with the famous comic books published by Amar Chitra Katha. Here she finds a fun feminist twist on her favourite, the creation of Ganesha.

The story begins on a prosaic note and develops into heroic proportions.

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Sridala Swami on Amruta Patil

The award winning poet and author Sridala Swami reflects on patience and waiting in this deeply personal piece inspired by Amruta Patil's 'Adi Parva'.

The image is like a mandala: endlessly revealing something new, fixing one’s attention and sharpening it.

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