Illustration Series

Welcome to our guest column series "Drawn from Memory: Reflections on the Art of Illustration."

JJ Books has invited well known writers to recall images that have inspired their work, from Brahma to Beardsley and beyond.


Tishani Doshi on Tara Books

Prize winning poet and author Tishani Doshi reveals she has fallen in love with her neighbour ... and their exquisite illustrated books.

They produce books that are objects of art in and of themselves

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Tishani Doshi on Tara Books- blog

Arshia Sattar on Shilo Shiv Suleman

Acclaimed author Arshia Sattar says like all great illustrators, the artist Shilo Shiv Suleman brought her own story to their collaboration.

There is the story that the words carry, but there is equally another story told by the pictures.

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Arshia Sattar on Shilo Shiv Suleman- blog

Anita Nair on Leo Bates

Bestselling author Anita Nair recalls how a little known English artist changed the life of an eight year old from Avadi.

Did Leo Bates ever think of what his colour plates may have done to change the life of a little girl from Avadi?

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