Introducing JJ Books

Illustration, Nature, Self Reliant People

This is the JJ Books blog. JJ Books is me, JJ, in book publishing mode. Most people know me as John Jackson which, loosely interpreted, means a chap who is the son of a chap. That is how I started life and how I expect to end it.

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The ‘Cundy de Barker’

A lesson in looking before you leap!

A pre-Ebay tale of why it pays to do your homework before placing your bid.

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The ‘Cundy de Barker’- blog

Foraging for wild foods

While the focus of our smallholding was on producing our own food, we did not ignore what nature offered us freely. The art of foraging is one that seems to have been forgotten for some time but is apparently now enjoying a resurgence of interest.

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Foraging for wild foods- blog

Read books – but don’t always believe them

Smallholding is closely related to self-reliance. But of course, you can’t do everything yourself – you often need a helping hand along the way.

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Read books – but don’t always believe them- blog