Introducing JJ Books

Illustration, Nature, Self Reliant People

This is the JJ Books blog. JJ Books is me, JJ, in book publishing mode. Most people know me as John Jackson which, loosely interpreted, means a chap who is the son of a chap. That is how I started life and how I expect to end it.

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Queen of the Forrest

The power of thoughtful giving

Most of you will be familiar with the story behind Norway's annual gift of six Christmas trees to Britain but, at a time when many of us are choosing presents for family and friends, it is worth retelling.

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A winter break from the river

The closed season for salmon fishing in Scotland is fast approaching. There are still a few days left to chance a line for a few more days before we anglers are forced to take a break from the river. This enforced hiatus is probably no bad thing for the fly fishing obsessive.

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A winter break from the river- blog

Pumpkin carving - a wonderful craft

Halloween is a bit too scary for me but I am rather fond of a bit of pumpkin artistry

At the risk of sounding curmudgeonly, I’m not a fan of Halloween. But why? Despite my age, I’m not overly concerned with the commercialisation of the day although I sympathise with parents who shudder at the thought of another round of expense in the run up to Christmas. I’m also well aware of how hotly anticipated the evening is by children – when asked to choose their favourite festival, my own great grandchildren were hard pushed to choose between Halloween and Christmas.

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Pumpkin carving - a wonderful craft- blog